Customer Service Training: Managing Customer Service Train4Career offers Customer Service Training Workshop courses and seminars in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, USA, California, New York, Middle East. Our Customer Service Training Workshop provide a new insight into client behavior, effective tools, and easy to learn skills for creating lasting client satisfaction, relationships, and repeat business. The training workshop concentrates on how to maximize your effectiveness by defining expectations, establishing ground rules and gives you a new confidence. Following topics are covered in this one day workshop:
  1. What is Customer Service ?
    - factors that make service good vs. those that ruin a customer service interaction
  2. Customer Service is an Attitude not a Department
    - Internal and External Customers
    - Internal Service is just as Important as External Service
  3. Customer Expectations
    - Focusing and Prioritizing the Top Expectations of Customers
    - Creating a Service Mission Statement to stay Focused
  4. Attitude
    - Attitude is a Choice that is Controllable
    - A Formula for Success
  5. Having Influence in the Organization
    - Understanding the Two Levels of Customer Service
    - Documenting Customer Concerns
  6. Personality Styles
    - Understanding Styles
    - Typing Ourselves and Others
    - Applying to Customer Relations and Team Building
  7. Listening Skills
    - Three Styles of Listening
    - Removing Obstacles to Listening
    - Practicing Proactive Listening Habits
    - Handling Customers With Listening Problems
  8. Telephone Techniques
    - Standing Out From the Competition
    - Doing the Basics Better: Greetings, Holds, Transfers, Returning Calls, Voicemail
  9. Vocabulary
    - Keeping Customers Calm with Words
    - Persuasive Language Patterns to Gain Cooperation
  10. Angry/Difficult Customers
    - 5-Steps from Angry to Repeat Customer
    - 3-Steps for Maintaining Our Composure

Course Outline for 3 day Workshop available on request.

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