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Train4Career specializing in Business Writing Training Workshop and seminars in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, USA, California, New York and Middle East. Business Writing Training Workshop is designed to help the business communicator improve writing skills such as preparation, organization, understanding the needs of the reader, avoiding common grammar and spelling mistakes, and basic editing. The training workshop concentrates on how to maximize your effectiveness by defining expectations, establishing ground rules and gives you a new confidence. Following topics are covered in this one day workshop:
  1. The Benefit of Writing Well
        - the difference between business and other types of written communication
        - the cost of poor writing skills
        - kinds of business writing email memos letters reports inquiries complaint letters

  2. Different steps when writing
        - Preparing information
        - Researching information
        - Organizing information
        - Introducing the content
        - Writing a conclusion with impact
        - Preparing a correct final draft using spell checker and grammar checker proofreading

  3. Punctuations
        - abbreviations
        - capitalizations
        - contractions
        - dates
        - intentation
        - italics
        - numbers
        - proof reading
        - spelling
        - symbols

  4. Homonyms and Other Confused and Misused Words
        - common mistakes and how to easily avoid them Accept vs. except, all ready vs. already, and ascent vs. assent

  5. Redundancy
        - removing unneeded words and wordy phrases
        - combining sentences that repeat information
        - revising sentences that begin with expletives

  6. Word choice
        - Sexist language
        - racist language
        - Cliches
        - Pompous language
        - Jargon
        - Affection
        - Connotation
        - Denotation

Course Outlines for 2-3 day Workshops available on request.

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