Behavior Realignment workshop in Toronto

Good reports and proposals succeed by enabling decision makers to make the best decisions. This workshop will teach participants the habits of good writing. Participants will gain practical knowledge, ideas and skills on how to write better proposals and reports. Many people think that writing is an awesome task. These people do not trust themselves with the language. They go to the old files to see what has been done in the past. To overcome their insecurity, they try to write to impress. They hunt for big words to sound like an authority on the subject. They pad their reports to indicate thoroughness. That is not the path to confident, effective writing. This workshop will teach participants the habits of good writing.

GOAL:To be able to increase skills to aid in the implementation of more effective behavior alignment techniques in an office based setting.
SESSION OBJECTIVES: By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate basic understanding and practical application of behavior alignment principles.
  2. Develop behavior alignment plan for a specific behavior challenge presented within an office.
  3. Develop an increased understanding of the causes and the impact of response on challenging behavior.
Course Outline:

When you're dealing with challenging or violent behavior, you need safe behavior alignment techniques that won't cause harm and that will effectively prevent and stop difficult behavior.It’s important to remember that behavior is communication. With any behavior, an individual wants to be understood, to be treated with respect, and to satisfy his needs. When you consider the underlying causes of difficult behaviors and empower individuals with the choice of replacing problem behaviors with positive behaviors that meet the same needs, and when you’re equipped with the other safe and effective behavior management strategies, you’re better able to guide individuals toward modifying their own behavior so they can express themselves in a positive way.

Participants learn More Safe Behavior Modification Strategies

In this workshop participants are empowered with safe and respectful behavior realignment tips for preventing problem behavior and effecting positive behavior change. This workshop teaches participants to gain behavior modification skills to stop problems and foster harmony. While you can't force anyone to do anything, you can guide individuals toward positive behavior modification with safety and respect.

Participants are also taught Connecting consequence to behavior- using some of the suggested consequences and explainging what could happen.

Participants also Learn Procedure for identifying a behavior management plan:

1. define the target behavior

2. explore possible causes

3. brainstorm negative consequences

4. brainstorm positive reinforcements

5. define alternative behaviors

Course Outlines for 2-3 day Workshops available on request.
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