Communication Skills
Communication Skills Training Workshops in Toronto :
Train4Career offers Communication Skills Training Workshops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, USA, Middle East designed to help individuals maximize their potential for team work and leadership. Enhance effectiveness of Communication with our Communication Skills Training Workshops.
The training workshop concentrates on how to maximize your effectiveness by defining expectations, establishing ground rules and gives you a new confidence. Following topics are covered in this one day workshop:
  1. What is Communication?
  2. Communication challenges
        -  Principles of motivation
        - Motivation techniques to use with your team
        -  Factors affecting motivation
  3. Styles of Communication
        -  Aggressive
        -  Passive
        -  Assertive
  4. Tools for effective Communication
        -  Listening (Obstacles to listening, Emotional filters, Establishing rapport,      Exercises for developing listening skills)
        -  Speaking (Obstacles to effective speaking, Speaking with authenticity,
    Speak fluently and confidently even under stress, Exercises for developing speaking skills)
        -  Interviewing (Types of Interviews, Preparing for the Interview,
    Types of Questions, Authentic Speaking and Listening)
        -  Meetings (Handle difficult meetings sensitively and constructively, Types of meetings, Organizing meetings, Setting up expectations, Tips and Techniques)
        -  Writing
        -  Workshops
  5. Performance Management
        -  Effective performance management
        -  Leaders' responsibilities for evaluating, reprimanding, and counseling staff
        -  Preparing for performance management discussions
        -  Conducting performance management discussions
        -  Evaluating performance expectations objectively
        -  Reprimanding and counseling sessions
Course Outlines for 2-3 day Workshops available on request.

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