Business Development Skills
Workshop details: Starting Your Own Business

This seminar looks at the advantages and disadvantages of self-emplo yment and identifies why some businesses fail. This session will help you consider your motivation for starting a business, your personal qualities and your business skills. You will also gain an understanding of business planning, the legal implications involved when starting a business and what support is available and how to access it.

Know Your Market and Competitors for Start-Ups

This workshop provides an introduction to the marketing process and will introduce you to developing marketing strategies. You will gain an understanding in market research and why good market research can provide a solid foundation in developing your marketing strategy. This session will also provide guidance on what information you need to know about your customers, competitors, the size of the market and market trends.

Developing a marketing strategy for Start Ups

This workshop will help you understand the tools and techniques of marketing by guiding you through the steps involved in setting marketing objectives and deciding on a marketing strategy.

Business Operations for Start-ups

This workshop provides ke y information on the operations of a business including the resources required, systems and procedures, production, health and safety and quality. This workshop also provides guidance on other areas such as the advantages and disadvantages of working from home and environmental issues.

Costing & Pricing for Start-Ups

This workshop provides an understanding of the pricing process and helps identif y the different types of business costs, i.e. fixed, direct and capital costs. This session also explains the link between well researched costing & pricing and profitability. You will also gain an understanding of the importance on thoroughly researching your costs in order that they provide a foundation for your financial projections.

Financial Planning for Start-Ups

This workshop will take you through the process of preparing and analyzing financial statements and provides information on how to prepare cash flow forecasts, profit & loss accounts and balance sheets. The workshop demonstrates how using and understanding these tools can help you to control your business finances.

FinancialAdministration for Start-Ups

This workshop highlights the importance of book-keeping and provides guidance on how to set up a book keeping s ystem. It also provides key information on Self Assessment for tax purposes, Corporate tax filing, HST, etc and points to consider when using an accountant when setting up and running a business.